Background Burner


Delete the background from your pictures


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Sometimes you might find you need to delete the background of an image to highlight the main subject of the picture.

Background Burner is an online application to quickly delete the background of any picture automatically, to brilliant result.

You don't need any specific knowledge about photo editing to use this program, as it works automatically. At most you'll just have to correct an area that wasn't cropped correctly.

This webapp uses a powerful software that analyzes the images and detects the lines, color, and focus to separate objects in the foreground from those in the background, and then extract only the content you want.

Background Burner is super easy to use: just upload the picture and in a couple of seconds you'll have your picture without the background. And it doesn't always give the same result, but offers several different versions so you can choose the best crop.

If the result doesn't come out perfect, you can manually choose which areas to restore or delete to get the best version possible.
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